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Purple and Blue Stitch Fix Box (#22) – Style With Tina

January 1, 2017

Purple and Blue Stitch Fix Box

This is my Purple and Blue Stitch Fix Box! Welcome to my fashion show! I have a lot of updates to share with you in this post – so, please bear with me!

Today is my birthday!!! January 1st baby! 🙂 What should I treat myself with?! 😀

As a Christmas present to myself, I got a tripod for my camera! And not any tripod either, a Vanguard Camera Tripod – Black (Alta Pro 263AB 100)! It’s really sturdy and easy to use.

With a new tripod, I changed my “fashion show” location to our sun room. Isn’t it pretty and blue?! (I designed it myself). Does this new location help you view the clothes better?

Speaking of blue, what do you think of my new web layout and custom logo? I love the blue! Do you sense a theme?!

Here’s what Kate picked out for me for my “Purple and Blue” only themed box!

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Stitch Fix #11! (V-Day Fix)

February 5, 2016

Hello! Welcome to my Stitch Fix box #11, V Day Fix! I’m excited to show you this fix because it is a bit different from other fixes. Not only did I ask for a Valentine’s Day fix, but I also changed location of my photographs, and also used my Canon camera rather than my phone. I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

What is Stitch Fix?

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Celebrate! 10th Fix with Stitch Fix!

January 18, 2016

Market & Spruce Fix

Celebrating my 10th fix, in addition to having a Market & Spruce fix! I started around June of 2015! I really like the idea behind Stitch Fix. Having a stylist pick out 5 items for you to try on, in the comfort of your own home. I also like trying it because fashion isn’t my strong suit but I think I have come a long way from T shirts and jeans!

However, this fix was another bust. I am just not feeling the pieces lately. They are a cross between Salior Moon and Grandma-y. Even if I don’t like them, I’m not going to prevent you all from seeing the goodies!

Here they are…

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Stitch Fix Number 9! (The Sexy Fix)

January 6, 2016

When I use Stitch Fix, I normally purchased one or two items. This time, I didn’t get anything. Although, I was close to getting one! This box was suppose to be my “sexy” fix that I requested in my note.

My normal stylist, Vicki, was on vacation, so I got Susie this time around. I can tell Susie tried hard to please me. Without further ado, SF box number 9!

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Night time Stitch Fix aka number 8!

December 16, 2015

Here is my 8th fix! The package arrived later at night than normally, or maybe I’m still getting thrown off at how dark it gets at 5 PM! Anyway, this fix was a little different! I got a blazer which I didn’t expect. :O

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