Fifth Box

November 2, 2015

Hi there! This is my 5th box with Stitch Fix, and is my first ‘official’ blog post! If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is about, read my blog post here! Here is a preview of what I got in my box! I actually asked my stylist Vicki to style this box around my newest obsession, Tieks (red cardinal). I think she did a fantastic job!



What did I keep? The Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater! It’s very soft and the elbow patch makes the sweater standout! With the styling fee included, this cute baby turned out to be only 38 dollars!

[Pretty picture coming soon]

What did I not keep? Everything else! I really adored the peacoat but it was just out of my price range for the month! 108 dollars. And it was a bit too small for my arms (coat size: small). It’s gorgeous and I hope Vicki sends it to me again later (can I do that?!)

A closer look of my purchases.


The jeans. Yeah, I am not much for the distressed look, especially at a high price. I can do it on my own for free. Haha! I sent them back.


Pretty scarf that would have gone well with my cardinal red Tieks but I have quite a few scarfs, and don’t really need another one.


This dress! Ugh! Not only was it too small but my boyfriend said it made me look like an old person. Yikes! You can see in the style card the way it looks. No, thanks!
Overall, this box was good. No matter how I feel towards a box, I am always glad that I have opened it. It gives me a new experience with clothes!

I couldn’t end this post without posting my new shoes!

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