Night time Stitch Fix aka number 8!

December 16, 2015

Here is my 8th fix! The package arrived later at night than normally, or maybe I’m still getting thrown off at how dark it gets at 5 PM! Anyway, this fix was a little different! I got a blazer which I didn’t expect. :O

Night time Stitch Fix

Look how pretty it looks together…
the colors!


Laid out on my bed… I feel this gives you a better look, overall.


Asa Blazer with Kyleigh Straight Leg Jean. The blazer was extremely comfortable, and the jeans felt great around the waist. Sadly, since I am 4’11” and a half, the length was too long. 🙁


A closer look of the stitching of the material. I did like this but I really don’t have a place to wear a blazer.


Della Tartan Plaid Scarf. This was very cozy!!! But I have had scarves in my last 3 fixes, kept only one. Remember the green one from 3 fixes ago? 🙂


This is what I ended up keeping! I love how unique it looks. It reminds me of something out of the tv show, The 100.

What do you think?


A closer look:


Style cards. 🙂

Well, there you have it! Stitch Fix “in the dark”. I probably won’t be getting another box until Feb-March. We will see, I may get SF withdrawal. 😉

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