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November 1, 2015

How to Sign up for Stitch Fix and Use Your Referral Link

What brings you here? Maybe you want to know what Stitch Fix (SF) is about? Or maybe you want to know what a stitch fix referral link is and what it has to do with Stitch Fix? Or just maybe you accidentally clicked this link and don’t know what you are doing here! Hehe. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. I can help answer all the questions!

What is Stitch Fix?

Who better explains this than the company itself?! What is Stitch Fix? Here you go: “Stitch Fix is the personal style service for men and women that evolves with your tastes, needs and lifestyle.” – Stitch Fix

From me, Style With Tina: Stitch Fix is amazing. It’s personalized, and guess what? You don’t have to go to the mall! Yippee! I mean, for me, that’s a plus. If you are petite like me (4’11”), it’s extremely hard to find something in your size, and you almost always end up in the old grandma section of Macy’s labeled “Petites”. Umm, thanks, but no thanks! 

One of the great qualities of Stitch Fix is that it carries petites for the younger crowd! I almost always get at least 1 petite item in my box! 🙂


Stitch Fix Clothes

Left to Right: Daniel Rainn Koda Split Neck Blouse | RD Style Louey Side Button Pullover | Hailey 23 Kerrigan 2fer Knit Dress | Peaty Pintuck Detail Henly Blouse

What is Stitch Fix Referral link/credit?

A stitch fix referral link/credit is interchangeable. It pretty much means the same thing! A referral link is a special URL that is given by Stitch Fix for being a SF customer! If you click on someone’s stitch fix referral link, it gives them a $25 dollar credit to put towards their box! It’s not spam, I promise! Look below to see what I mean! 

Stitch Fix Referral Link

How do I get my own box/referral link?

So, I’ve convinced you to get your own box?! Wow! I never thought of myself as a convincing person… I mean, I can’t even convince my fiance to try Stitch Fix *pout*! Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up and get your own referral link!

Before signing up, I just want to mention that Stitch Fix only sends out boxes to people in U.S. territories, including the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Let’s get started!

  • To sign up, you can use my referral link if you want to  – it’s like buying me 10 cups of coffee, or a nice blouse! *hint hint* 😉 If not, you can type into your address bar,!

Stitch Fix’s Signing Up Step by Step Guide


  • You can either sign up via Facebook or with your email address. It’s entirely up to you!
  • Stitch Fix is available in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (0-16) (Women & Men)
  • Stitch Fix also carries petite & maternity clothing line!
  • For women, it will prompt to you take a style quiz. It’s so much fun!!! For men, it will prompt you to fill out a profile.


  • Once you have completed your style quiz/profile, you can now schedule a fix, add a note to your stylist, and get your own referral link! Below, you can see the date (December 27th), my note to my stylist, and my referral link on the side of the page! January 2017 Stitch Fix Review will contain what my stylist picked for me – as you can see, I want some blues and purples as that’s what I look best in! Fingers crossed that I get it! 🙂


Well, there you have it! If I can answer any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a comment below! I will be happy to assist. Happy Stitch Fix-ing!

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    This sounds like such a cool idea! I love how you do a quiz, that way it really gets to know you and your likes. Sounds likes fun.

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